Resin Balconies, A Luxurious Solution For Your Property 

Properties that have balconies will always have that luxurious air. Just like resin driveways, resin balconies will add more beauty and a sense of beauty to your property.

Resin balconies will offer a smooth and porous finish that will minimize puddles.

One other great thing worth mentioning is the fact that resin can be laid directly on top of an existing surface, easily and quickly transforming the space in a small corner of heaven that will lure you to relax and enjoy your free time.

Balconies can be also personalized as well, and clients can add unique styles, symbols, patterns, and colors to their balconies with the help of resin surfacing.

Resin surfaces can become an eye candy, and a resin balcony can stand out a lot in your area compared to other surfaces that you can find on the market.

Main benefits of resin balconies

  • The vast range of colors offered by resin surfaces will cover both traditional and modern styles, so it’s great for everyone.
  • Resin balconies are hand finished and will provide superior quality.
  • In resin balconies, puddles are minimized and the surface is completely smooth.
  • The process of installation is a straightforward one just like in any other resin surface.
  • The final finish will last for years, and the surface will be extremely easy to maintain.
  • Depending on your needs, anti-slip technology can be included in the solution for your balcony.
  • The design can be personalized according to all of the clients’ needs.

The aesthetics of a balcony will always compliment the individual style of any property, that’s why it’s important to make sure it receives the same high attention as the property itself.

You should check out more useful information on resin surface maintenance and we also recommend that you analyze some FAQ about resin surfacing.

Upgrade School Grounds And Play Areas With Resin Paving: Seating Areas, Games And Sports Courts And More

During the summer vacation, it’s the best time to perfect and upgrade school grounds and play areas that will be ready in the autumn.

When you’re choosing the best paving material, it’s important to think about the type of institution that will have the surface replaced or built.

There are various types of institutions for which resin paving is the best choice these days, according to experts.

These include nurseries, schools, youth sports center and also colleges and Universities.

Resin paving for sports courts, games and seating areas

Resin driveways are the most advantageous sort of driveways that you can have in all these areas, and we’ve already covered the subject in a lot of previous articles.

One other essential thing that’s worth mentioning is that you should consider the function of the surface.

More analysts claim that resin is the best choice for playgrounds in the school, internal courtyards, school entrances, footpaths, cycle paths, sports court, and more.

Regarding playgrounds, these are located in all kinds of areas such as schools, nurseries, parks, and so on, but they all have something in common: these are the places where kids have the best time outside, and resin playgrounds are the best choice.

Sports courts, games courts, and seating areas are also viable locations to lay resin paving for the very same reasons.

High performance and lengthy guarantee 

If we question the performance of the surface, resin paving is the best choice for locations that require wheelchair access, preventing falls, keeping the surface cool during the summer, and less maintenance.

Resin is environmentally friendly, requires low maintenance, it’s durable and UV stable, smooth and accessible, and SuDS compliant.

The lengthy guarantee is another great thing about resin paving, and this will provide protection against loose stone, oil damage, cracking, UV degradation, color change, frost damage, and more.

Main Reasons Highlighting Why Resin Is The Best Paving For Schools

There are a lot of paving solutions to choose from these days, and among the popular options that experts will find on the market, there are the following: asphalt, concrete, artificial grass, block paving, resin, wet pour, rubber mulch and more.

Despite the vast palette of choices, it seems that more and more experts are choosing resin for schools.

So, if you believed that this material is only perfect for resin driveways, resin playgrounds, and more, well, it seems that schools can also benefit from it.

The main reasons for which more authorities go for resin surfaces in schools

Here are the most important reasons for which experts consider resin for paving in school areas.

First of all, the resin is a material that’s environmentally friendly, smooth, accessible, easy to maintain, a UV stable option, and hardwearing as well.

More than that, there are a lot of colors to choose from and massive creativity which allow experts to perform the following:

  • Reflecting the internal décor externally as well
  • Incorporating logos or important messages into the school paving
  • Creating areas that are encouraging students to become creative and environmentally aware

Also, resin paving allows previously unusable areas to be used again. This is about areas that cannot be used due to poor drainage.

Resin can be also laid over some previously existing surfaces such as concrete or asphalt in order to revamp some boring looking areas as well.

Resin’s versatility also allows easy inclusion of ramps into all surfaces, and you can even include existing trees into any design that has tree pits.

Resin also has the ability to complement or contrast other materials that are present around schools such as granite, concrete with an imprinted pattern, gravel, paving slabs, brick, and more.

And last but definitely not least, the resin can also camouflage drains and manhole covers, and it can replace them.

Resin For Schools: A Great Choice For Paving

The long summer holiday is around the corner, or at least it’s safe to say that it’s approaching with really quick steps.

This means that schools, universities, and nurseries will have enough time to plan an upgrade or to refurbish the buildings and surrounding areas.

Replacing school paving will definitely be among the planned projects of some schools or universities and old surfaces can replace or experts can install new surfaces that include the following: footpaths, playgrounds, school entrances, cycle stores, seating areas, access roads, car parks, games, and sports courts and so on.

Resin is not only a great solution for driveways, and there are more locations that can achieve the high level of quality that a resin driveway has.

Why choose resin for school paving?

Resin offers a permeable system that consists of stone and resin and the mixture is laid onto a stable surface.

A resin-bound paving system will allow for a combination of various sizes and colors of stone and will also offer a massive variety of finishes.

The final surface will consist of a high-quality result that includes a final surface that’s permeable, smooth, durable and also with low maintenance.

It will also be flexible and perfect for reproducing all kinds of school logos onto the surface.

Things to consider when choosing the school/university paving

There are a few things that you have to consider when choosing the paving for schools and universities. You can check these out below:

  • You need accessible paving for bicycles, wheelchairs, and more.
  • You will need to consider whether there’s the need to define different areas within a larger location.
  • The paving should be environmentally friendly.
  • The surface should probably remain cool in the heat as well.
  • You should make sure that the drainage is adequate for the dispersal of surface water.
  • Easy maintenance and long-lasting surface are other two important factors to consider.

Resin will definitely be able to comply with all of the above, which makes it one of the best solutions for school and university paving.

Resin For Playgrounds: Keeping Kids Entertained And Safe

Parents who take their kids at playgrounds expect the little ones to be able to have their fun there, but they also want the highest level of safety for them.

Playgrounds are located in all kinds of areas such as schools, nurseries, parks and so on, but they all have something in common: these are the places where kids have the best time outside.

Parents have already understood the importance of playing outside, and they make sure to take children to such areas instead of leaving them to spend all day long in front of the TV and computer.

These days, the best playgrounds out there will be constructed with the highest level of care for kids, and the best paving that can be used to provide this is resin.

Resin driveways are already extremely popular in more and more countries, and resin is a great material that can be used for playgrounds as well.

Main reasons for choosing resin for playgrounds

As expected, the best benefit that a resin surface can offer such a location is the fact that it’s anti-slip, and kids can run freely on the surface without any risks of falling and hurting themselves.

Secondly, the surface is also porous, which means that it’s permeable and also had fantastic traction. Excess water will quickly be drained from the surface, providing a better grip.

If we compared resin with other available surfaces, another benefit that it offers is the fact that it’s kinder to the environment, and this means a lot as well.

We left the fun part for last, but it’s definitely not a less important benefit. A resin surfaced playground can be extremely fun and colorful, which makes kids happy.

Resin surfaces offer lots of options that you can choose from in terms of mixtures and colors.

These are just a few of the various reasons to choose resin for playgrounds no matter where they’re located.