Why Choose Resin For Landscape Pathways – The Most Appealing Advantages 

Landscape pathways in your home area could mean a pathway through your garden or even park if you have a greater domain.

Anyway, in a landscape garden, the path is an important element, and some well-designed paths can definitely attract the eye of a visitor and tempt people to take a walk.

This is not only for the viewing pleasure of your guests but also mainly for your own; this goes without saying.

A beautiful and hi-quality path can contribute to a well-landscaped garden.

Such a pathway can create a feeling and a particular mood that can vary according to the choice of the material that you’re using for it, the color and more.

If you thought that resin bound surfaces are only great for your patio or driveway, you’re wrong.

Resin driveways are probably the most popular these days, but you can also have a perfect resin landscape pathway as well.

With the help of resin surfaces, you can make the most of all your outdoor areas and as we already said, your indoor ones as well.

Five reasons to choose resin for your landscape pathway

First of all, the resin-bound material is porous, and it drains water through the finished surface.

This is exactly what nature intended, and it translates in a puddle-free surface that’s definitely less likely to flood compared to others.

Also, it’s important that rainwater will be able to reach your plant and tree roots that may be growing beneath the surface.

We already addressed the eco-friendly benefit of resin surfaces, and this advantage applies in this case as well.

A resin pathway will not only look beautiful, but it will also be much more durable compared to other materials. Just a bit of maintenance and you can enjoy it for decades.

And last but not least, safety is another advantage worth taking into consideration.

Resin surfaces are anti-slip, and they have natural friction even during the poor weather conditions.

These are just a  few of the advantages you can enjoy if you decide to go with a resin landscape pathway.

Resin Paving For Playgrounds – Main Benefits 

Resin driveways have been gaining a lot of popularity these days, and they have definitely become a much better option compared to block paving and other solutions.

Resin is being used for patios as well, and we’ll address a few reasons for which resin can turn out an excellent choice for playgrounds.

When we say playgrounds, we’re referring at locations such as schools, parks, nurseries, and pretty much any public outdoor playgrounds.

Resin surfaces are primarily much safer for kids for the simple reason that they prevent them from falling and hurting themselves.

The surface is anti-slip, and this means that kids can run freely without slipping and falling on the playground.

Porous surface

The surface is permeable, and it also has excellent traction. These advantages mirror a less likelihood of slipping and falling because excess water also drains away from the surface.

Not to mention that the surface itself provides a better grip.

Friendly with the environment

In comparison with concrete and tarmac, resin surfaces are also much kinder with the environment, and we already explained the reasons in previous articles.

A vast range of colors and mixtures for the surface

An additional benefit of having a resin surfaced playground is the fact that there are tons of options that you can choose from in terms of colors and also mixtures.

Playgrounds can become more unique and they can help fuel kids’ imagination or even make guidelines for sports by using various patterns and colors.

Also, it’s important to note that depending on the age group and the playgrounds and surroundings, you can choose anything from bright primary colors to more rustic earthy tones for a more natural finish.

And last but definitely not least, it’s essential that resin surfaces are applied quickly and the drying time is also shorter compared to other materials.

Resin surfaces are definitely the best choice for playgrounds of all sorts.

Tips & Tricks To Clean Your Patio

Besides having a great resin driveway, you can also make sure that you have a resin patio because the benefits are all the same.

More than that, an attractive patio will become the attraction point of a beautiful and relaxing garden as well.

In such a place, you can sit down with a book on a really beautiful day, or you can also get together with your friends for all kinds of fun activities.

You definitely want to do all that it takes in order to have the patio for a more extended period of time.

Here are the best tips and tricks to keep your patio looking as good as it did the first day after it was laid.

Clean the debris and leaves

You should definitely make sure that you clean all the debris and leaves from your patio because these can decay and it can leave hard to remove stains.

Maintaining your patio clean will do wonders for the overall area and the life of your beautiful patio.

Add the cleaning of the patio on your list of spring to-dos. This can be the very first step of preparing the garden for the hot summer that’s about to come.

Don’t forget to use gloves in order to protect your hands.

Use a hose to rinse the area down

Hosing down the patio will eliminate all loose dirt and debris. Brush the patio to remove anything that’s left.

If you have any stains on the patio, follow the same advice we offered to clean your resin driveway.

After cleaning your patio, leave it to dry naturally and remember that pressure-washing can damage the surface.

If you have pets, make sure to use products that are pet-friendly.

Resin is the best option for your patio

It’s also good to know that resin can be used for creating the patio of your dreams as well.

As we already said, there are lots of customization choices and options, and you will be able to create the most durable and environmentally-friendly patio.

Resin Surfaces Are Suitable For Both Cold And Warm Climates

It’s true that resin bound surfaces are a modern choice and an eye candy and this is because they can stand out a lot more compared to other surfaces.

These come in a lot of textures and colors and they can definitely enhance the appearance of any home, thanks to such a vast palette of textures and color combinations.

A resin driveway, for instance, will perfectly blend in with the surrounding scenery but on the other hand, if you want to, it can also be contrasting and pop up, providing a shocking visual contrast with the rest of the surroundings.

We also covered the issue of functionality explaining why resin driveways and other surfaces are easy to maintain and more durable than other surfaces that are currently on the market.

Read more about the pros and cons of resin driveways.

There are some things worth considering when it comes to weather conditions as well.

Considerations about weather conditions

It’s important to know that resin should be laid only in temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius and more.

This cannot be laid during rain or snowfall and it’s good to know that resin has a controlled curing time.

Other than this, the resin can be laid anywhere regardless of the location in the world.

Here’s what you need to know about locations with hot weather.

Resin bound surfaces will cure quicker in hot weather. After the paving is cured, the temperatures will not affect the final product’s durability and use.

Also, it’s important to note that the resin is UV stable.

Now, here are the main issues to know about colder weather.

In cold weather, resin paving needs to be laid under dry conditions as we said above.

After the surface is cured, rainfall will be able to get through the material and this means that you will not be seeing any puddles and standing water on the surface.

Frost will not cause any damage to the surface. In icy conditions, you will be able to use salt without damaging the surface.

Snow shovels are recommended for use, but snow plows are not.

Overall, with the proper installation and maintenance, resin surfaces can be used in any climate.

Best Surface For Drivers: Resin Or Brick? The Best Material To Drive/Park Your Car On

You may have everything that you ever wanted: the best job you could have ever dreamed of, a nice family, an exquisite home and you finally managed to get the car of your dreams as well.

It’s definitely one of your pride and joys, and all that you can think of is to show it off and take your family and friends for a ride.

But you should also consider what you’re parking it on in your driveway. So let’s see what’s the best driveway paved with.

Brick driveways vs. resin driveways

Brick driveways can definitely be a really attractive entrance to your home but don’t forget that such beauty comes at a really high cost.

With bricks, water will remain in them, and you can find algae and lichens mounting up the surface.

This can be avoided by using resin driveways because your car’s wheels deserve to roll on a clean surface.

More than that, brick driveways also have a decreased load-capacity, and this means that they can easily crack and chip under your vehicle.

Resin surfaces are flexible, and you will not have to face such issues on them. Brick paving can get dirty, and this will harm the look of your driveway.

And let’s be honest wouldn’t you want your car to stay parked on a good-looking surface?

Resin driveways are also easier to maintain compared to brick surfaces as well, and they’re also more durable.

Overall, a resin driveway will improve the functionality and the look of your areas around the house.

Closing words 

You will be able to park your brand new car on an aesthetically pleasing surface which is at the same time, smooth, weed and oil resistant, hardwearing and with a more extended guarantee and lifespan.

And don’t forget that you can also have his and hers color-defined parking spaces on a resin surface as well which makes this even nicer.

So, let your imagination go wild and choose the best resin driveway for your preferences and for your beloved car.