Should I Choose Resin Paving For My Garden? What Are The Main Advantages?

Resin surfaces are great for indoors, but there are also tons of advantages of choosing resin driveways as well, and we made sure to highlight them so far. But what about the garden?

That small oasis of joy and tranquility in your yard…is it worth using resin for this location as well?

Resin for the garden area

Resin paving and pathways can definitely add value and overall beauty to your property no matter where you use the advantageous surface.

You can create both simple and sophisticated looks using resin, and you will definitely enjoy a stunning final result with the best finish.

Resin is great for your garden as well, especially since you will not be needing any planning permission to use such paving, thanks to the permeable and environmentally friendly aspects of resin.

Resin bound paving comes in a vast palette of colors and textures that can enhance your garden’s look.

You can definitely improve your garden, beds, and borders of your modern or traditional garden with resin surfacing. Here’s why resin is ideal for landscaping.

Make your garden an attraction point

With the help of resin paving, you can lift your garden to the next level of beauty.

You will be able to enjoy flawless decorative appeal among some essential functionalities.

Easy installation and maintenance

Experienced teams usually conduct the entire installation process and your only job will be maintaining the resin surface.

As we already explained, maintenance could not be more comfortable, and this means that you will have more time to take care of your amazing plats.

Complete weather resistance

Resin pathways will not fade in the sunlight, or freeze in the winter.

They will also stay free of puddles all year. They are completely permeable, and they’ll never flood regarding of the heavy rains.

UV resistance

Another essential factor to consider is the UV resistance which means an extended life for your resin pathway in your garden.

Useful features

You will be able to walk your babies in the garden thanks to the anti-slip features that resin pathways flaunt.

They’re completely accessible for everyone in your family and provide high-quality standards for the whole gang.

All you’ll have left to do is enjoy the tranquility and beauty of your gorgeous garden.

When And Why Should You Consider Changing Your Brick Driveway?

Usually, brick driveways can be a really attractive entrance to your home, but it’s important to know that this beauty comes at a high cost. Literally.

Despite the fact that this is a popular option these days, when it comes to utility, a brick driveway features a ton of issues which can start to show really fast. In other words, the impressive form is not matched by their overall functions.

Most common problems with brick driveways – brick vs. resin

Here are the most common issue with brick driveways. Some of them should be a red flag showing that it’s time to change your driveway.

Water will remain in the clay bricks and this means that you can find algae and lichen mounting up. This could easily be avoided with resin driveways which are completely permeable and environmentally friendly.

Brick driveways also have a decreased load-bearing capacity and this means that bricks can chip easily, making your driveway prone to subsidence.

This is another red flag that you should change the driveway with another option.

More than that, spillages and dirt can harm the look of your brick paving over time.

Brick driveways are really hard to clean and they are prone to cracks and daily wear. Again, resin driveways don’t have this issue as we already explained that they’re easy to maintain and durable.

The composition of clay bricks can result in impaired drainage capacity and rain will make an uneven and slippery surface.

Resin driveways come with anti-slip features which enhance safety.

The price may seem not too high in the beginning but at the end of the project you might find out that you have to pay more than you were prepared due to the complicated installation process.

Overall, again resin driveways win this time as well and they’re a much better option compared to brick paving.