How to maintain your resin driveway

A resin driveway is a beautiful and practical way to add value to your property. The blend of aesthetics, practicality and accessibility make your resin drive the perfect way to transform the look of your home. Enjoy all the benefits of a drive that has the strength and stability of gravel without any of the problems.

Of course, over time your resin driveway will need to be cleaned and maintained, just like any other part of your home. Resin driveways are incredibly easy to maintain, helping them to keep their good looks all year round.

Regular resin driveway maintenance

To keep your resin drive looking as good as the day it was laid, sweep regularly with a stiff bristled broom to remove any debris or organic matter. Should any weeds take root or moss appear on the surface of your resin drive, use an appropriate weedkiller and brush the debris away before hosing down with a regular garden hose. Because the surface of your drive is permeable, no puddles will form as the water drains quickly away.

If you choose to use a pressure washer, make sure you use a moderate pressure and water temperature. High pressure and extremes of water temperature can both damage your resin driveway so use caution when you clean your resin paths and driveway. For resin driveways that require a deeper clean, use household detergents or consider an annual professional deep clean to rediscover that ‘just laid’ look.

Pay attention to winter maintenance

Because of the permeable nature of your resin driveway, you’re at less risk of flooding which also lowers the risk of ice forming. And because the resin surface is non-slip your winter driveway is much safer and more secure whether you’re pushing a buggy or using your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

However, you can salt your resin driveway to help minimise the formation of ice and snow and use a plastic shovel to quickly remove any snow that does settle. Never use a metal shovel to avoid damaging your drive. As the snow melts it disperses into your drive meaning that no puddles form to cause a slip hazard – yet another safety feature of your beautiful driveway. When the spring arrives simply hose down your drive so it looks as good as new.

Tips and hints for looking after your resin drive

To keep your driveway looking flawless, be careful to avoid spilling oil, grease and petrol on the surface as they can leave unsightly stains and may soften the surface of the resin. Take care not to drag any heavy equipment across the surface of the drive and pay particular attention with garden machinery.

If you want to place a skip on your drive, spread the weight using wooden planks or boards. Try never to turn the wheel of your car when it’s stationary – this leaves unsightly tyre marks that you’ll need to clean as soon as possible with a cloth soaked in white spirit before hosing down with a household detergent.

Properly maintained, resin driveways will give your property the wow factor for years to come. Our resin bound Resintop paving is second to none when it comes to being tough, durable and easy to maintain. To find out more and to get your free no obligation quote for your beautiful Resintop driveway contact us today.

Six factors to consider when selecting a resin paving contractor

Resin bound paving is quickly replacing conventional surfacing options, thanks to its durability. Several companies have sprung up to provide this service. However, as a new product in the construction industry, it is still not adequately regulated. Consequently, it is easy to end up with a quack masquerading as an expert.

For the love of the trade, we have outlined the six of the factors to consider when picking a contractor to do your resin driveway or patio.

References or past jobs

A company that claims expertise in resin paving installations must be able to prove it. You need to request for references of their past jobs. You can arrange to visit the site if you need to check the quality of their work. You will have an idea of what to expect if you engage the firm. New contractors who might not have the benefit of a past job should provide a resume showing relevant experience. You should also view their previous work completed. 


Even the most carefully designed and manufactured vehicles come with a warranty. Any reliable resin paving bound company will assure durability. Some of the issues that the warranty must cover are; colour change, UV degradation, cracking, loose stones and frost damage.

Cost vs quality

You do not have to spend a fortune on beautifying your driveway. However, be wary of low cost and extreme discounts. The price will always be proportional to the quality of the materials used. Therefore, request for a justification of cost from a quality-to-be-delivered perspective.


Does the company install only resin paving or it is just one of the many services? Contractors that focus solely on a single service deliver better quality than the jacks of all trades. Specialised contractors concentrate their time on the research and improvement of their service.

Standards and regulations

Even though no institution regulates resin paving bound installations, there some bodies that promote professionalism. One such organisation in the UK is Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, SUDS. A worthwhile contractor should be a member of one or more of these bodies.


Ensure the company has its operations within your area. Otherwise, they will charge you more to carter for transport. Again, the firm may take too long to respond to emergencies.

Resin Driveways Before & After

Our surveyors usually take driveway images both before and after resin installation. It is breathtaking to see the level of change that can be achieved with resin driveways.

Value added to the property

The aesthetic value added to your home after fitting a resin driveway increases the overall value of your property. The surrounding features and colours are also amplified as various areas complement each other. The free and wasted space in front of your home can also be converted into an adequate and valuable parking area.

Resin Driveway Before and After

Colour options

Resin also comes in a variety of colour options that matches various properties in the UK. These colours can be designed with patterns or boarders to create something that suits your needs or any type of brickwork. The client determines the design, but we can always mix something to create a custom colour of your choice.


Old tarmac driveways always become faded and cracked, especially if you are a 4×4 vehicle owner. The patches after repairs are also unpleasant to look at as they become badly faded. Resin driveways are almost maintenance free. Cracking becomes history as your driveway can resist the weight of heavy vehicles. There is also UV protection resin which maintains the colour of your driveway.



Most people love using resin as a paving finish bordering their garden area. Here you can always let your imagination run wild as you design the garden you have always dreamed of.

Designing pathways

Some homeowners share a pathway. Resin surfacing always makes these areas look astounding. With the reduced risk of slipping as water is drained into the ground, resin surfacing is a safer option than traditional tarmac or concrete paths.


Designing tree pits

Tree pits sometimes look untidy. Opting for a resin surface material for a tree pit is a compromise worth making. By carefully designing your tree pit, water is allowed to sip into the ground to nourish the tree. Tidiness is also maintained as the possibility of rubbish accumulation is eliminated. Resin is also friendly to the environment.

Book your free survey with us and see the unlimited design options that can transform your property.

Why a resin driveway lasts longer than block paving – Block Paving VS Resin Bound

Does your block paving drive look worn and faded? A resin driveway looks effortlessly modern, complimenting your property in a way that adds style and value. It’s also long lasting, practical and low maintenance making it the ideal choice when you come to renew that old block paving drive.

What is a resin driveway?

Resin driveways are a mixture of the natural stone of your choice with durable resin. Once laid this forms a permeable surface for driveways and paths that is resistant to cracking so it keeps its good looks for much longer. And because its laid as a seamless sheet there are no cracks where unsightly weeds can get a root hold.

Why do resin driveways last longer than block paving?

A resin driveway can be installed in a fraction of the time that it takes to lay out a block paved drive but lasts considerably longer. That’s because of the durability of the materials used – heavy duty resin and natural stone – and the fact that they won’t fade or displace like concrete block paving. Your resin driveway can be laid over virtually any existing substrate for added stability and it won’t settle or crack causing an uneven and visually unappealing surface.

Gravel driveways are often a preferred aesthetic thanks to the natural materials and wide array of colours available. By binding gravel with resin we can create a drive that looks stunning yet preserves all the hard wearing features of natural stone with none of the maintenance. Bonded in place, your driveway gravel won’t migrate over time and will keep looking beautiful for years to come.

What makes a resin driveway the smart choice?

When design flexibility, low maintenance and long lasting practicality are important, a resin driveway is the smart choice. The smooth and non-slip surface isn’t just ideal for cars, it’s also perfect for pushchairs and mobility access. Fully permeable to both water and air, this type of driveway minimises puddles and inhibits the growth of mould and weeds. Your drive won’t crack when the temperature plummets and is easy to keep clean with a domestic power washer – and there’s no need to replace infill afterwards.

If you want a driveway that looks as stunning every day as the day it was laid, then you need a resin driveway. Combining the beauty of authentic stone with the durability of UV stabilised resin, you can create a beautiful bespoke driveway installation that outlasts a block paving drive and gives your property the wow factor.